Brunch Menu

Paragon Brunch
Served Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm
Featuring our Bloody Mary and Michelada Bar

Paragon Breakfast Sandwich – Fried egg,  shaved ham, arugula, tomato, white  cheddar and smoked paprika aioli on grilled  sourdough  8

Hangover Burrito – Eggs scrambled with  smoked sausage, ham, bacon, potatoes,  avocado, green onions topped with roasted  chili sauce  8

Eye Opener Pizza –  Mozzarella, Swiss and  parmesan cheese, topped with bacon,  mushrooms, fresh basil Eggs and scrambled  eggs  9

Bacon & Egg Burger – Our ½ lb. burger  topped with bacon, sharp white cheddar,  fried egg and chipotle hollandaise sauce  11

Malibu Omelet – Roasted red peppers,  tomatoes, spinach, feta cheese and basil  7

The Forager Omelet – Mushrooms, fontina  cheese and caramelized onions  7

Flaming Pig Omelet – Bacon, ham,  habanero jack cheese and avocado with  our habanero hot sauce on the side  9

Protein Stack – Veggie patty topped with  scrambled egg whites, avocado, white  cheddar and salsa  7

Stuffed French Toast – Egg bread filled with  bananas, candied pecans, Zaya Rum  and cream cheese  8



Roasted Potatoes  2.5

Cottage Cheese  2

Fresh Fruit  3.5